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For those of you lucky enough to own a Fairlight CVI, you might like to download these manuals:

Fairlight Computer Video Effects Mixer User Manual Dealer-Beta.pdf (for Black Box/Wedge – circa 1984) (40 meg file!)

Fairlight Video Entertainer User Manual.pdf (1988, for the Entertainer White Wedge model) (24 meg file!)

Fairlight Video Producer User Manual.pdf (1988, for the Producer White Wedge model) (9 meg file)

The Fairlight CVI Computer Video Instrument.pdf (1984, Preliminary Manual for first Fairlight CVI ie Black Wedge/Black Box) (9 meg file)


If you don’t own a Fairlight CVI of your own, you might like to download some Fairlight CVI loops to use VJing. We have made some loops using our vintage Fairlight CVIs:

VJzoo Free Fairlight CVI loops – hosted at 640×480 pixels or 320×240 pixels

VJzoo Fairlight CVI loops for purchase – these are at PAL resolution (720 x 576 pixels) and are seamless loops. Buy at

8 Responses to Downloads

  1. Leo says:

    I’m searching for the technical schematics for the FAIRLIGHT CVI. I do have 2 of them but there’s a problem and I need the schematics to have them fixed. Hope you can help!
    Finest regards from Belgium.

  2. VJzoo says:

    Awesome thanks 🙂

  3. Bertoa says:

    Thanks for the service manual. After some finetuning I go to use my CVI again. Leo, can you contact me via email on my website?

  4. Bertoa says:

    To add some more videoclips, made with the Fairlight CVI, I give you some links of a friend of mine. This work is made in 1987 for the clubscene in London.
    Tripnotic is made in a mix with Amiga graphics in 1993. This is just uploaded stuff!
    Thank You,
    Berto Aussems

  5. Mike Cash says:

    I apologize in advance if this post is inappropriate in this location. I am the proud owner of ten various CVI models, (Rev 4, Rev 5, Rev 7, Plus & Plus MTV model). All of these units are in service making money for our company and either used in our front line or as backups. Many years ago I procured a crate of misc. parts and pieces that are used to keep these CVIs in working condition, ie various PAL & NTSC boards, slider panels, keyboards, NTSC power supplies, cables, etc.. If anyone finds that they need a particular part or parts, please feel free to contact me and I will see if we have it available. On occasion we also sell a complete CVI. My email is mikec at liveperformance dot com

  6. efir says:

    where to buy? 🙁

    • Mke Cash says:

      Hey All, I’m getting ready to sell a CVI Rev5 complete with the slider panel, NTSC. It has a newly rebuilt power supply and I recently replaced the original memory backup battery with a modern easy change socket. It’s in great shape. I’m looking to get $2800. I usually list on ebay, but I’d rather not pay them if possible.

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