Welcome to 1984’s hottest tech tool

We are video-nerds, in love with the Fairlight CVI. This is our place to share info regarding the classic video synthesiser from the 80’s.

Some of our vintage CVI’s were used in 2009 to make this video clip for the band Cloud Control:

About VJzoo

VJzoo is Kat and Jasper. We're VJs from Perth, Western Australia.
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5 Responses to Welcome to 1984’s hottest tech tool

  1. hamageddon says:

    nice work!
    and here’s how to make a bad video even worse with a lil help from the cvi 😉
    original version over here

  2. Peter says:

    Thank you so much for putting together this excellent site! So much is available for the CMI and little for the CVI.

    If anyone has a better quality copy of the CVI demo tape I’ve posted on youtube, see the “about” section of this site, please let me know! peter.vogel at fairlightinstruments.com.au

    You may know I’ve rebirthed the Fairlight CMI fairlightinstruments.com.au and I’m working on some other instruments which will be more VJ oriented.

    I’m interested in learning about the VJ industry, anyone who’d like to help my education feel free to email me!


    • Mke Cash says:

      I have the older CVI Compilation Video and the CVI Operators Instruction video produced by G&R Productions. They are both in mp4 from VHS, but fairly good quality. It seems like we might have the newer CVI demo that was posted. It looks like this would have been the last video produced since it shows the wedge style box. I’ll look in the archives and drop an email to Michael Callen as he might have one.

  3. Spyke Scott-Matthews says:

    I actually have the fairlight CVI control drive, but unfortunately a clumsy removalist managed to completely destroy my touchpad panel. Does anyone know if there is a spare one anywhere???

  4. Charles P. Lamb says:

    I remember seeing live dance performances at SIGGRAPH using the Fairlight. How much documentation still exists? It might be useful to try and duplicate the effects and console with a contemporary computer.

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