Fairlight Instruments is back!

We had a post from one of the Fairlight Fathers, Peter Vogel.

He’d like to let people know that Fairlight Instruments is back in business 😀

At this stage they are producing CMIs but will also be getting into the video side of things, so keep posted at http://fairlightinstruments.com.au/

He’s also keen to get a better quality version of their original demo video. We’ve seen copies for sale on eBay over the years but have never managed to get our hands on one. If you have a copy, I’m sure Peter would really appreciate getting a copy of your copy 🙂


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Fairlight CVI Loops used in “The Rig”

3 of our fairlight CVI clips have been used in “The Rig” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1093906/

thanks to  TheLab (http://thelab.org.uk/) for spotting it 🙂

Clips used from our CVI pack http://www.archive.org/details/68_Vintage_Fairlight_VJ_Loops_by_VJzoo



VJzoo_CVIp028purple.avi (made grayscale)

and I think Inside Us All’s Rebelle FreeFrame filter was used as well, they must have a VJ on staff :P

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As seen on television!

Here are some vintage clips featuring use of the Fairlight CVI.

The following videos are credited in the Fairlight CVI Entertainer Manual:

Crowded House – Now We’re Getting Somewhere (1986)

A Flock of Seagulls – Who’s That Girl? (1985)

Jean-Michel Jarre – Zoolookologie (1985)

Oscar (Sky Mitchel) Lariosa – I’m Just an Alien

Other videos that we’re pretty sure used Fairlights (although please let us know if you know otherwise):

Electronik Supersonik – from Aussie comedian Santo Chilaro. If it’s not a real CVI doing the effects, it’s at least a good parody of the tackiness of CVI effects.

Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened (1984) – maybe Fairlight CVIs, but also possibly hand-built video synthesisers, as pioneer AV artists Severed Heads built their own equipment in the 70’s and 80’s.

Add some links to your own favourites!

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Welcome to 1984’s hottest tech tool

We are video-nerds, in love with the Fairlight CVI. This is our place to share info regarding the classic video synthesiser from the 80’s.

Some of our vintage CVI’s were used in 2009 to make this video clip for the band Cloud Control:

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